Start-ups, Venture Capital and Cryptocurrency

It’s been many years since we helped our first client set up a start-up. Since then, the client has not only successfully built it, but also sold its shares and the shares of its VC investors to an American multinational telecommunications giant.

Our experience grew together with this first client and led to  other projects, allowing us to  participate in the life cycle of a number of other start-ups from various fields. Some of them had only a mayfly‘s life, others have worked with us or have been cooperating for many years.

We have an indisputable advantage in our colleague Pav Younis, who, as a native Briton and London solicitor, knows the Anglo-Saxon legal environment and is well-versed in  negotiating Anglo-Saxon contractual documentation and acting as an intermediary between local founders and foreign investors. We think we can offer rich experience in various areas of the start-up scene, unique team composition and well-founded advice, especially in the following areas:

  • Establishment of a new legal entity – selection of a suitable legal form and location, setting up a holding structure abroad (and evaluation of when and whether it is necessary at all), preparation for the entry of local and foreign investors
  • Relationships between partners (founders) – types of shares and rights associated with them, ancillary agreements, sharehlders‘ agreements (pre-emption rights, tag-along, drag-along, dead-lock, exit, etc.)
  • Protection of a key asset (product) – setting up relationships with developers and other suppliers, first employees / collaborators, but also customers, protection of intellectual property, prohibition of competition, confidentiality, business conditions and more
  • Management methods – voting at general meetings (including electronic voting), setting up the appointment / meeting of the statutory body, concluding distance contracts (using DocuSign or other technological tools), incentive programs for the company’s first employees and external collaborators and managing such programs on online paltforms sych as Carta
  • Financing and valuation – legal assistance in obtaining financial resources (business angels, venture capital funds and others) and assistance with the most commonly used forms of financing (convertible loans, direct purchase of shares in the start-up) in all phases of the start-up life cycle ( pre-seed, seed, A / B / C series, mezzanine / bridge rounds, etc.); alternative forms of startup financing (ICO and crowdfunding)
  • Term-sheet – legal assistance in compiling and negotiating a venture capital term-sheet, setting property and control rights of investors and founders / founders (right of veto, right to approve certain decisions in advance, right to information, transferability of shares, pre-emption right, options and more)

Weinhold Legal awarded in the Impact Deal of the Year category for the Deafcom transaction (Tilia Impact Ventures) held by the Czech Venture Capital Awards 2022.

We advise our clients on a number of concepts and ideas, often translated into cryptocurrency-related projects after their implementation. In particular, we have dealt with the following areas:

  • ICOs – Issuing and offering cryptoassets and providing ICO services
  • DeFi – Decentralised Finance and other peer-to-peer services
  • Exchanges and exchanges – Providing recommendations for trading or using crypto services
  • NFTs – Non-fungible tokens
  • Custody and Wallet Asset Management – Custody of cryptoassets, managing cryptoassets for others including custodial wallets.

We participated in the following start-up projects:Cognitive Security, Illusion Softworks, Klik pojištění, Resistant AI,Y-Soft, Cryptelo, Wakawai, GATE4AD and others.

Our clients for whom we have provided cryptocurrency-related legal services include: Warex and others.

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