Pro bono

Weinhold Legal has provided pro bono services to several entities.

Nadační fond Tilia Impact Ventures
Weinhold Legal provided pro bono legal assistance to endowment fund Nadační fond Tilia Impact Ventures upon its investment to the start-up Deafcom. Deafcom offers a professional tool for arranging online sign language interpretation and spoken word transcription for deaf people and people with hearing impairment. Tilia Impact Venture is the first Czech fund which supports projects with significant and measurable societal impact and assists in scaling the impact and drive the project’s social mission.
Wakawai Mahi Tahi, s.r.o.
Weinhold Legal assisted Wakawai Mahi Tahi, s.r.o. and its founders with the legal aspects of developing and launching a unique online platform connecting companies with nonprofits and facilitating pro bono or ESG activities for corporations while promoting the projects and collections of specific nonprofits. Weinhold Legal has also been assisting Wakawai for many years in connection with setting up relationships with the platform’s investors.
Veselá věda
Weinhold Legal provides long-term legal assistance to Veselá věda as a pro bono on issues related to different areas of law.
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