Dispute Resolution

Our expanding dispute resolution practice encompasses Dispute Resolution, both international and domestic. We act for governments and for major corporations such as banks in proceedings before courts, arbitration tribunals and other bodies. The range of disputes we act on covers the entire range of business, from disputes under bi-lateral investment treaties, financial services, real estate disputes to corporate issues and intellectual property disputes.

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Mgr. Milan Polák


Tel.: +420 225 385 539
Email: milan.polak@weinholdlegal.com

JUDr. Zbyšek Kordač, LL.M. et LL.M.

Associate Partner

Tel.: +420 225 385 692
Email: zbysek.kordac@weinholdlegal.com

JUDr. Anna Bartůňková

Associate Partner

Tel.: +420 225 385 432
Email: anna.bartunkova@weinholdlegal.com

JUDr. Michaela Koblasová, Ph.D.

Senior Associate

Tel.: +420 225 385 114
Email: michaela.koblasova@weinholdlegal.com

Mgr. Michal Švec

Senior Associate

Tel.: +420 225 385 441
Email: michal.svec@weinholdlegal.com

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