IT, Media, Telecommunication

Weinhold Legal has assisted in a number of large acquisitions of internet and telecommunications service providers by international, Czech and Slovak companies. Other major telecommunications and IT businesses active in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia benefit from our day-to-day legal support, ranging from the usual corporate, commercial and intellectual property issues to highly specialised advice in various industry-specific areas provided by our expert IP/IT law department. In 2001, the lawyers of Weinhold Legal co-authored the pioneering internet-law handbook “Legal and Tax Aspects of E-business” published by Linde Publishing.

Below we mention some of our engagements in this area.

Weinhold Legal provided comprehensive legal advice to Cryptelo s.r.o. in the preparation and successful implementation of the issue of its own cryptographic CRL under the so-called ICO – initial coin offer. Cryptelo s.r.o. deals with the encryption of data for the commercial sphere with the highest level of security. The resources obtained at ICO are used to further develop its products. The public phase of the ICO ended on 30th April, 2018, with the acquisition of digital resources to the satisfaction of the client.
Weinhold Legal assisted the Siemens group in a prominent outsourcing project in the telecoms business, including, among others, the transfer of several thousand employees. We were, among others, involved in complex questions of corporate and collective labour law and assisted in negotiations. Moreover, we assisted Siemens in a considerable number of acquisition projects (share deals and asset deals).
American animation studio
Weinhold Legal provided assistence for the world-famous American animation studio in connection with review of licence agreements under the applicable Czech and Slovak laws.
Ministry of Interior Czech Republic
Weinhold Legal was chosen to provide complex legal services to the Czech Ministry of Interior in relation to the basic public administration registers which are in the competence of the Ministry, and the information system of the basic public administration registers (following the newly adopted Act on Basic Registers). The work included numerous public tenders, contracts between the state and selected ICT firms, etc.
Hachette Distribution Services (skupina Lagardére)
Weinhold Leal adviced on several Czech acquisitions and joint venture agreements, including due diligence and negotiations with a large number of parties.
Film studio
Weinhold Legal adviced one of the six major American studios on shooting of a pilot project Masterwork, review of licence agreements and dubbing agreements.
Central European Media Enterprises (ČNTS)
In relation to TV Nova’s operations, Weinhold Legal provided comprehensive legal advice and opinions on various aspects of the television broadcasting business in the Czech Republic, including a detailed review of contractual arrangements and proposed restructuring of operations. Subsequent work included negotiations, litigation and litigation support regarding various claims by our client. We also handled over 360 trademark files and represented the client in a large number of related disputes.
Operation systems provider
Weinhold Legal provided various services for leading worldwide provider of operation systems and office software, including comprehensive data protection compliance reviews, preparation and review of service and customer contracts and labour issues.
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