Compliance, Risk / Corporate Governance, and Criminal Law Affairs

We understand that at any time in our lives, a situation involving a criminal law issue may arise. We are ready to assist you in all stages of criminal proceedings, from the beginning to the end of the proceedings, e.g. enforcement or recovery of damages.

We have extensive experience in representing both individuals and legal entities. We also provide legal assistance and representation to injured persons, including assistance in claiming damages in adhesion proceedings, as well as to interested persons who have had their movable, immovable or other property seized by a police authority.

We also advise on setting up corporate compliance programmes to prevent criminal liability of legal entities. Since the criminal liability of a legal entity can also be triggered by the actions of an employee, we place emphasis on the thorough preparation of internal documentation and the prevention of potential damages. We focus in particular on the following sub-areas:

  • advising on the development of a compliance programme;
  • adaptation of the compliance program of a foreign parent company;
  • prevention of criminal liability of legal entities;
  • prevention of liability of members of corporate bodies for damages;
  • corruption and fraud risk management;
  • advising on setting up corporate governance.

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