Labour Law

Weinhold Legal has extensive experience in advising on labour law in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, where we are working for leading local and international companies.
Our work in this area has included:

Implementation of an internal whistleblowing system according to the Whistleblower Protection Act – preparation of the necessary documentation including internal regulations, web notifications, as well as training of the relevant person and staff and outsourcing of the function of the relevant person

General labour law advice – drafting and reviewing employment documentation for ordinary employees as well as top management (e.g. employment contracts, appointments, remuneration agreements, non-competition agreements, internal regulations, collective bargaining agreements), providing labour law due diligence, advising on employment rules applicable in the Czech and Slovak Republics, employee transfers, relocation, discrimination, harassment, disability issues, organisational changes and restructuring, non-competition issues, confidentiality, liability issues, health and safety regulations.

Remuneration policies & Share Plans – drafting and reviewing share and stock option plans and other remuneration schemes and internal policies (pensions, bonuses (target-driven), profit sharing plans etc.).

International matters – advising on choice of law issues, advising on foreign labour laws (e.g. German, English) as appropriate in cooperation with our authorised foreign lawyers, secondments to and from the Czech and Slovak Republics, management services and hiring out of labour structuring, immigration issues (advice related to work permits, visas, permanent residency, family relocations), potential E.U. law aspects.

Trade unions and work councils – negotiation with trade unions and work councils, representation of employers, structuring and reviewing collective bargaining agreements, dispute resolutions.

Dismissals – drafting dismissal documentation (e.g. notices, termination agreements, recalls, immediate cancellations of employment relationship), full or limited assistance in the dismissal process including collective dismissals, related negotiation with affected employees, trade unions and labour authorities, structuring the termination packages (severance payments, leave payments).

Litigation – if court action is unavoidable, we represent our clients in litigation, including dismissal claims etc.

Providing legal services connected to COVID-19 pandemic – advice on obstacles to work, assistance in the implementation of partial unemployment, information on measures taken, submission of applications for contributions from the Antivirus program, organizational changes and preparation of documentation for termination of employment.

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