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Welcome to the Careers Section of the Weinhold Legal website. Here you will find information regarding the firm’s work environment and corporate culture through personal testimonials of current lawyers as well as current opportunities at Weinhold Legal. You will also find an online application form should you wish to apply for a position with us as well as details for contact persons.


Are you interested in a career with an international law firm that offers a truly positive work environment and corporate culture? Are you curious why Weinhold Legal differs from other law firms? What is our success based on?

One of the firm’s most important goals is to find harmony amongst the varied personalities of our lawyers and to create and foster a friendly and open work environment that is focused primarily on understanding and catering to our clients’ needs and objectives.

The competence of the people who work at Weinhold Legal and the unique culture of the firm provide us with a significant competitive edge over other law firms currently on the Czech and Slovak legal markets. The firm strives to maintain a dynamic and satisfying work environment that promotes the personal growth of each lawyer.

Our lawyers have broad technical knowledge and expertise as well as practical experience in all areas of legal practice. Moreover, at Weinhold Legal we nurture further professional development by encouraging our lawyers to participate in professional training programs offered in a variety of fields.

Our approach is based on the establishment of ad hoc teams designated for individual projects and are led by an individual partner. This internal structuring ensures the smooth integration and ongoing growth of younger lawyers into the team.

In order to increase the overall calibre of legal services provided, we regularly recruit talented and ambitious graduates and students to join our team who infuse new ideas, fresh energy and often exceptional skills to our team.

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Now that you have heard about Weinhold Legal, we would like to hear more from you if you are interested in having a rich and fulfilling career. At Weinhold Legal we offer much more than life as just a lawyer:

While there are many law firms to choose from, we believe that Weinhold Legal is the right place to begin a professional career as it offers a young and sociable atmosphere.

Our philosophy has always been to hire the most talented and motivated individuals as well as to provide them with the opportunity to make a valuable contribution to our clients and the firm’s overall success.

At Weinhold Legal we have developed our own training and mentorship program which enables junior lawyers to continually progress in their professional development. At an early stage, our lawyers have the opportunity to be involved in complex and challenging projects in various areas of the law, in particular, within an international context.

Our junior lawyers work with a number of senior and manager associates who supervise and guide them in their professional development.

As we recognise the importance of mentoring, an open working relationship is strongly encouraged amongst lawyers of all experience levels.

Formal reviews are held every six months for the junior lawyers. Such regular reviews allow for the employees to know where they stand by way of open discussions concerning their strengths and areas for improvement. Once a year, an annual review is held in the form of an informal interview with one of the partners which provides the junior lawyers an opportunity to bring to light any aspects related to his or her career development with the firm and to set out new objectives for the next period.

The lawyers at Weinhold Legal are justly rewarded by way of a competitive compensation package and other benefits.

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We have an ongoing interest in recruiting experienced lawyers with the necessary expertise to assist us in building our business in specific practice areas.

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