Insolvency and Restructuring

Weinhold Legal represents Metrostav, one of the largest construction company in the Czech Republic, in insolvency proceedings of the property of GSCeP including representation of creditors.
Insolvency trustee of a Czech securities broker
Weinhold Legal provided legal assistance to an insolvency trustee of a Czech securities broker in connection with the insolvency proceedings, mainly with review of the registered claims of the creditors and claiming the assets back into the insolvency estate.
Italian company
Weinhold Legal provided legal services to client, lessee of non-residential premises in ŽS Praha hl. nádraží (Prague main railway station) consisting of registration of receivables against the subtenants of these non-residential premises with the insolvency proceedings. Our legal services included the registration of receivables, representation in court proceedings, negotiation with the insolvency trustee, etc.
One of the largest banks in the Czech Republic
Weinhold Legal provided legal services to client comprising legal advice in relation to the bank’s participation in certain syndicated loans in the context of the debtor’s insolvency proceedings and various issues arising in the course of the insolvency proceedings. It related to one of the most significant insolvency proceedings under the new insolvency law, both from the perspective of the borrower’s size and the significance of legal issues, which attracted a lot of attention of the Czech media and public. Our legal assistance also covered disposal by the bank of its receivables and obligations which included negotiation of the respective transfer documentation.
Weinhold Legal advised the Spar Group in the complex restructuring of its Czech operations. These services included the transfer of a company with several hundred employees, real estate, business interests in subsidiaries, as well as the increase and reduction of share capital. Weinhold Legal also provided services in corporate matters and in the preparation of complete transaction documentation.
OMV, Shell, Colas, Mondi Packaging, Nationale Nederlanden, Gramofonové závody/Winslow Partners atd.
Weinhold Legal provided legal services to several clients (f.e. OMV, Shell, Colas, Mondi Packaging, Nationale Nederlanden, Gramofonové závody/Winslow Partners atd.) in connection with the restructuring of their companies and development of new investments in the Czech Republic, including mergers, demergers, liquidations, transformations and transfers of assets.
OHL Central Europe
Weinhold Legal provided legal advice to Obrascón Huarte Lain, S.A. (OHL), one of the biggest construction companies in Europe, in connection with restructuring of its subsidiary companies in the Czech Republic which were taken-over by OHL in the past. Our legal services included legal advice on transfer of shares of OHL ŽS and ŽPSV exceeding the value of CZK 1 billion within the OHL group and on subsequent implementation of merger of Rentia Invest into the successor company OHL Central Europe.
Weinhold Legal advides OHL ŽS in connection with two subsequent increases in registered capital by subscription of newly issued shares.
Vlastníci elektrárenských projektů v Pákistánu
Weinhold Legal provided legal services to clients, one of the biggest electrical companies in Pakistan, and Albario Engineering Company, engineering and building company, connected with recovery of their claims against Czech subcontractor PA Export including representation of the clients in the insolvency proceedings and the registration of the claims.
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