This page provides an update on the measures taken in the Czechia and Slovakia in connection with the armed conflict in Ukraine.

Measures adopted in the Czech Republic

Lex Ukrajina II (24.5.2022)

On 18 May 2022, the Government approved, at the proposal of the Ministry of the Interior, a draft law containing a set of measures called LEX Ukraine II, the subject of which is an amendment to all three laws, which in their totality form a set of measures called LEX Ukraine I, thus responding to the experience from practice and the need to supplement some of the approved measures.

“Lex Ukraine” (17.3.2022)

  • Authorization to stay in the Czech Republic for the purpose of temporary protection and health insurance
  • Free access to labour market
  • Humanitarian benefit and allowan-ce for solidarity households
  • Children’s groups

Armed conflict caused by the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation (1.3.2022)

  • Call-up orders
  • Residence permits, possibility to work
  • Termination of compre-hensive testing of employees
  • Indoor respiratory protection

Measures adopted in Slovakia

Current residence and employment conditions of Ukrainian and third-country citizens on the territory of the Slovak Republic (23.3.2022)

  • Conditions for provision of and rights under temporary refuge status
  • Further possibilities of employment of Ukrainian citizens on the territory of the Slovak Republic and related employers information obligations
  • Draft Act on Additional Measures
  • Measures related to COVID-19
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