Personal Testimonies

Dalibor Šimeček, attorney
“Weinhold Legal enables graduates and young lawyers to develop their own skills in supporting the personal and professional growth. Being promoted to manager at Weinhold Legal means to take on full responsibility towards the clients and, simultaneously, to be sure that the whole Weinhold Legal team is always prepared to support you when looking for the best client solution.”

Zbyšek Kordač, attorney
“During almost twelve years that I have spent with Weinhold Legal, I have seen number of young talented graduates becoming highly qualified professionals. What it takes to enter this path is to merely send a CV.”

Václav Smetana, attorney
“Weinhold Legal provides a perfect opportunity for young lawyers to accumulate knowledge and practical experience from various areas of law and to start their professional career. The firm offers the opportunity to engage in interesting work for top tier clients and pleasant working environment, where asking even the most senior colleagues for advice is encouraged. These are the features, which make Weinhold Legal an exceptional law firm.”
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