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Weinhold Legal provided legal services to LKQ Corporation - a leading US distributor of auto parts and accessories - in connection with the acquisition of Rhiag-Inter Auto Parts group from the private equity group Apax Partners. Rhiag-Inter Auto Parts group includes the leading distributors of auto parts in the Czech Republic and Slovakia - ELIT Group and Auto Kelly.

The announced deal value was 1.04 billion euros. Weinhold Legal´s team led by Daniel Weinhold and Dušan Kmoch provided legal services that included Czech and Slovak legal aspects of the transaction, including extensive legal due diligence. K&L Gates advised LKQ Corp. on other aspects of the transaction.

Communiqué of Weinhold Legal and Milan Polák regarding information published in the media about arbitration proceedings between Škoda Transportation and České dráhy


In the last few weeks the law firm Weinhold Legal (WL) was mentioned in the media several times in connection with the arbitration proceedings between Škoda Transportation (ŠT) and České dráhy (ČD). One of the independent arbitrators of the Arbitration Court attached to the Czech Chamber of Commerce and the Agricultural Chamber of the Czech Republic who was in charge of this case between ŠT and ČD was Milan Polák. He is at the same time an advocate and WL partner.

WL was not involved in this arbitration proceeding at all and therefore any comment about WL in media in connection therewith is absolutely inappropriate. Milan Polák´s role as the arbitrator is not a part of his advocacy practice and has no relation either to his work as a WL advocate or to any WL activity. Furthermore, as an arbitrator Milan Polák is bound by a strict confidentiality duty. Thus, neither Milan Polák nor WL can make any comment to the respective arbitration proceeding and cannot refute speculative allegations of some journalists.

However, both WL and Milan Polák highly appreciate the fact that one of the parties of the dispute (ČD) published the arbitration award on its webpages. Thank to this the public can make its own independent opinion on the substance of the dispute and legal arguments that led the arbitrators to their decision. With respect to some unsubstantiated theories published in various media Milan Polák stresses that:
• The case was judged and decided based on the legal arguments exclusively,
• Selection of two out of three arbitrators was made directly and indirectly by ČD as the
respondent (the arbitrator appointed by ČD nominated a chairman of the arbitration senate and
Milan Polák as the arbitrator appointed by ŠT fully accepted this nomination),
• As a standard practice the arbitration award was prepared by the chairman of the arbitration
senate and subsequently was accepted by Milan Polák,
• Despite of the fact that the arbitrator appointed by ČD did not sign the arbitration award, he did
not make any dissenting opinion,
• Bias objection against Milan Polák was made only after several years of proceedings when, on 24th of August 2015, all evidence had been submitted and all hearings finished, the draft of the arbitration award was prepared and the last step in the proceedings was taken. The objection of bias was considered by the whole Board of the Arbitration Court and unanimously found completely unsubstantiated. Also the state court rejected a motion for preliminary ruling filed in connection therewith.

While making their decision the arbitrators had to respect the legislation in force, the wording of respective contracts and individual legal acts taken – or omitted - by the parties in dispute in the past.
The fact that the arbitrators decided purely on the bases of law is supported by the fact that according
to the recent information published in press (MfD 19.11.2015) a year ago a proposal for an out of court settlement was considered and ČD ordered a legal opinion on this proposal from its legal advisors representing it in the arbitration proceedings and from two other lawyers. Two out of three
legal opinions recommended not to proceed further in the arbitration.



Leading advisory firm EY is expanding its portfolio of services to include legal advisory. Weinhold Legal and EY have integrated effective as of 1st September, 2015.

“With a team of more than 40 legal professionals now available to our clients, we believe the unique integration of EY’s advisory practice with the legal expertise of Weinhold Legal will mean we can continue enhancing the quality of our services. We intend to make full use of the potential our collaboration holds and provide clients with services unparalleled in their scope and expertise,” says Magdalena Soucek, EY Managing Partner for the Czech Republic and Central and Southeast Europe.

“EY is a global organization with more than 190,000 professionals operating in 155 countries providing legal services in 65 jurisdictions. Joining with such an unprecedented professional workforce will give our clients tremendous international reach and access to a deep pool of multidisciplinary knowledge and experience. We look forward to further developing the unique multidisciplinary solutions that we’ve helped pioneer in more than twenty years of successful engagement in the Czech Republic,” says Weinhold Legal Managing Partner Daniel Weinhold.

The business names of Weinhold Legal and all EY Group companies in the Czech Republic will remain the same, as will their contact and banking information.



Weinhold Legal advised the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Embassy in Prague on the contemplated acquisition of the Prague-based Palais Lobkowicz, the seat of the German Embassy, from the Czech state. Following negotiations the parties agreed instead of a transfer on a long-term lease of the building by Germany.

Since 1974 Palais Lobkowicz is the seat of the German Embassy in Czech Republic. In 1989 the building was an important scene of European history. Thousands of East Germans fled to West Germany via Prague and, thus, paved the way for German reunification. This event marks its 25th anniversary these days.

"Especially due to the historical significance of this building, we were very proud to support the Embassy on this transaction" said Thilo Hoffmann, the responsible partner at Weinhold Legal. Weinhold Legal had been the winner in the German Embassy´s tender for legal advice.

The events at the Palais Lobkowicz are considered the most important precursors to the fall of the Berlin Wall. The former German Foreign Minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher announced on September 30, 1989 on the balcony of Palais Lobkowicz the exit opportunity for almost 4,000 East German refugees. The communist system in East Germany and Czechoslovakia collapsed shortly afterwards and paved the way for free elections and a democratic society.

The baroque palace, which was built in 1702, was owned by the Bohemian noble family Lobkowicz since 1753. Ludwig van Beethoven and Carl Maria von Weber gave concerts in the domed hall of the Palais. In 1927 the Lobkowicz family sold the building to the Czechoslovak state.

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